The jam is made with traditional technique to open pot, with some elements that provide color and flavor as well as the integrity of the product. The sweetening is made from sugar cane bio yellow sheet up to a maximum of 25% of the total, or in the tradition of the marche pink sheet with honey or grape juice (without sugar). No chemical is present in the manufacturing process in the list of ingredients. The correct acidification of it, and the sterilization in a water bath that allow its conservation. For this reason, the format of the jam is soft, and mainly oriented to fruit stagione.

The creams are made with vegetables bio produced seasonally and made redundant by the company. The vegetables, once cooked with the ingredients of seasoning (spices, herbs), is blended in extra virgin olive oil. The format allows for a versatile use of the product; to spread on bread and toast, as a dressing for pasta, combine it with boiled or roasted. The proper acidification and sterilization in a water bath to allow its preservation. Two different product types are present; a spicy violet sheet with a base of vinegar and adding pepper, sweet green sheet with a base of lemon juice.

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